Our goal is to provide you with easy to read, practical information that will support sound financial decision making. In contrast to other providers of similar content, our authors pride themselves in supporting Wealth-Hack community discussions. Our hope is that community engagement and feedback will support deeper learning for the entire community, authors, and contributors.

All communities require one primary ingredient to prosper, trust. Trust requires transparency and to this end, we would like to share how our community makes money. Wealth-Hack will present financial products on our site that we consider will add value to members of our community. However, Wealth-Hack will not gather referral fees from external companies as we feel it is important to both, remain impartial and, be seen to be impartial.

Wealth-Hack will promote personalized Wealth-Hack services (such as Ask Al) that are fee-based. Unlike traditional fee-based financial advisory services, fees will be purposely kept low to ensure as many as possible from our community can access high quality, personalized advice.  These fees allow us to keep our site free from external influences and allow our servers to continuously serve you with easy to read, wealth improving advice.

From our launch, editorial guidelines have been continuously enforced to ensure our content is free from influence by the financial sector and that you maintain trust in your community. We appreciate your engagement with our community to further your financial journey.

About Us

Wealth-Hack's goal is to provide you with easy to read, impartial advice that will support sound financial decision making