Introducing Ask Al – Your Digital Financial Assistant

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Ever had the feeling ‘I don’t know if this is financially the right thing for me but screw it, I’m going for it anyway’? You are not alone. Every year we make financial decisions that mean we need to work longer hours. Or rack up more debt. All just to move forward – or hide from the implications of previous decisions.

Yes, Google is always available as a research tool, but who do you trust? Everyone has an objective, no-one is truly advising me and my unique circumstances.

What if I was to tell you there’s a new kid in town, a trustworthy kid, who gets numbers and want to help people save money. Intrigued?

Ask Al – Your Digital Financial Assistant

First, there was Siri. Then, there was Alexa. Now let me introduce you to Al, your digital financial assistant. Al loves numbers. So much so, he spends the day pulling together the latest in financial best practices to help deliver the most current advice that will save you the most money.

Al is available 24 * 7 from your phone and best of all, you don’t need to talk to him. Simply (and securely) Ask Al a financial question using Facebook Messenger and Al will get back to you promptly with advice personalized for you. But how do I know this digital financial assistant will give me the best advice, how can I trust Al? Our response to that is <cue patriotic music> independence!

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No, not that form of independence. Financial independence! The main issue browsing the web and most ‘free’ financial advice given is that some company,  somewhere is paying for it. This means the ‘free’ advice delivered to you also means cash to the person writing it.

Can they be truly impartial in that situation? More importantly, can you tell who is being truly impartial?

Spending more than you earn?
AskAl - your real-time, financial expert
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Advice Centered on You

Ask Al is different. You ask us a question in Messenger, we will tell you how much that advice will cost and if you are happy with the price, we’ll deliver that advice, near real-time. We will never take money from the products we may advise you to use.

Ask Al is powered by your Wealth-Hack community. We also use cutting-edge tech. This helps us deliver our services to you as low cost as possible.  And also, constantly scans for new opportunities to save you money.

‘I don’t know, I don’t like spending money before I try something first’?

should I Ask Al

We like how you think, we think like that also! And that’s why your first use is free. We figure we’ll bet on ourselves, give you a free taste of feeling more financial informed. And if that helps save you money, we hope you’ll come back and Ask Al more questions. So the next time you are stuck with something financial, remember to Ask Al.

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Want more information on what type of questions you can ask or how this works in more detail? We have you covered. Please take a look at our product page which has more detailed information on how Ask Al can help you, today.

Alternatively, you can find out more by talking to me directly on this forum, using social media or email. Please, hit me up on:

James BurnsFounder @ Wealth-Hack
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Introducing Ask Al – Your Digital Financial Assistant

Introducing Ask Al - Your Digital Financial Assistant

Need help with financial decisions? Ask Al, your trusted real-time digital financial assistant. Always just a secure, Facebook message away.