Looking for Unbiased Financial Advice? Welcome to Wealth-Hack

Read on to discover Wealth-Hack, your new community of informative, easy to understand impartial financial advice for millennials. Delivered in a spam free, ethical way that encourages conversation.

authentic financial advice to empower a generation

How to find unbiased financial advice? That’s the 20 million dollar question most of us ask ourselves when we say ‘I know I can do better with money’. Where do I look to find financial advice that’s unbiased, easy to read and I can interact with? As a savvy reader, you know to avoid conflict heavy ‘traditional’ financial advisors or taking advice from Wall Street companies. Read on to find out why we feel Wealth-Hack is unbiased and why it should become your impartial one-stop-shop for financial advice.

Financial Advice from Wealth-Hack

Welcome to Wealth-Hack, the exciting new community which delivers independent advice on how you think about money.

This generation has historically low trust levels in Wall Street companies and is smart enough to avoid the conflict of interest zones that are financial advisors. The result? The money we work hard to save is not doing what it should be; working hard for us. Wealth-Hack wants to change this. Our goal is simple; to give you a one-stop-shop for trustworthy, independent, easy to read advice that will help you plan for a financially more rewarding future. Nothing more, nothing less.

What makes Wealth-Hack different?

Our golden rule is to make sure we give advice that is readable by all.  This advice will explore how you can take control of your financial destiny by using the next generation of innovative apps and services designed to make good decision making easy. We have also designed a site that is clean, easy to browse and free from spam. The only ads you will see are from ethical, millennial orientated companies.

No spam. No popups. Ever.

no-spam image which articulates the ethos of Wealth-Hack, to create an unbiased source of financial advice.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a community of increasingly informed Wealth-Hack’ers, debating and improving the impartial financial advice delivered to our site. Wealth-Hack’s impartial advisors are looking forward to debating their thoughts on creating wealth.

The social factor is so important to us, we have baked it into our revenue sharing model. This means the more comments, shares, and votes each post receives, the more that author of that post gets rewarded. This removes the incentive to ‘sell’ and replaces bias with a focus on providing you with an impartial source of advice. It truly is good to talk (and click and share)!

Community image which articulates that Wealth-Hack seeks to be a community of unbiased contributors sharing and improving financial advice.

To sum up, we hope this post has clearly called out why we are different. Through posts that are first of all, free from jargon, have a sense of humor and are backed by a responsive author to engage with. And finally, (and crucially) how we will continue to deliver unbiased financial advice that you can trust.

A community can only thrive and prosper through communication. Please browse, vote, comment and share your way through your community. Please subscribe to our social feeds (Twitter, Facebook are LinkedIn) where will share not only our latest posts but also, a curated feed of great financial articles from the likes of Nerd Wallet, Yahoo Finance, and Moneyish.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our new community.  And please remember, even small changes can create big outcomes……

If you have any feedback, feel free to share below.

James BurnsFounder @ Wealth-Hack
w: wealth-hack.com e: james@wealth-hack.com
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Looking for Unbiased Financial Advice? Welcome to Wealth-Hack